In apparatus and plant engineering, noise-intensive aggregates, electronic components or comparable plant technology are usually installed in a specially designed cabinet or switch cabinet. Elastomeric insulation fulfills several functions here: On the one hand, it insulates acoustically and thus ensures a more pleasant working atmosphere. Secondly, the insulation provides thermal insulation so that the heat loss from the machines does not escape into the environment.

Another advantage is that, thanks to their fiber-free structure, elastomeric insulating materials can also be used without hesitation in a live cabinet. In addition, Kaiflex can be installed in the tightest of spaces thanks to insulation thicknesses from 3 mm. Furthermore, processing is easy even without prior knowledge: the insulating material can simply be cut to size and bonded on site using a knife. Depending on the product, the materials are already prepared with self-adhesive layers, making installation even easier.

Thermal efficiency

Energy efficiency

Optimal technical insulation can provide sustainable support in keeping energy losses in a building or operational system low in the long term. Cost-saving measures to increase energy efficiency and system performance can be easily realized by insulating the entire piping network with Kaiflex. Thanks to the low thermal conductivity of up to λ ≤ 0.033 W/(m·K) and the thus very good thermal performance, the energy budget can already be sustainably optimized with a minimum insulation layer thickness, as the following example shows: an uninsulated DN 50 pipe has an annual energy consumption of 172.2 kWh per pipe meter. At a heat price of 0.24 € / kWh, this results in additional costs of 41.33 Euros per meter and per year. If, on the other hand, the pipe is covered with 19 mm of Kaiflex insulation, heat losses are reduced to 39 kWh and operating costs shrunken to 9.36 Euros per meter per year (assuming ambient temperature of 23 °C, media temperature 6 °C, rel. humidity 75 %, system hours 6,000). This means that 77 % of costs can be saved and the use of Kaiflex has already paid for itself after a short time.
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Noise insulation

Effective noise control measures for building and operational systems upgrade the value of buildings, increase productivity and the well-being of users, and reduce stress-related health risks and the number of occupational accidents. Effective noise protection solutions, that comply with the strict legal requirements, should therefore be used particularly in the areas of rooms demanding such protection, as well as in working areas. Kaimann insulation materials make a valuable contribution to these requirements when used for these two types of noise reduction measures: Sound absorption and sound insulation. While sound absorption usually reduces sound energy by converting it into heat, sound insulation shields the propagation of airborne and structure-borne sound by creating a barrier. This means that architects and contractors are on the safe side, as the noise insulation solutions ensure compliance with legal requirements.

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Noise protection

Thickness insulation calculator Kaicalc

Those who pay attention to careful planning, workmanship and quality in a project design, can avoid costly system malfunctions or even failures and can thus keep operating costs stable in the long term - or even reduce them sustainably. Decisive for this is both the choice of the right insulation material and the correct calculation of insulation thickness. Our insulation thickness calculator Kaicalc provides reliable support around the clock.

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More applications

Picto HVAC
Building services

The areas of application for insulation materials in building services are wide-ranging - our elastomeric Kaiflex insulation materials must therefore also meet different requirements.

Picto Indutsry
Operating technology

The demands on insulating materials in the food and chemical/pharmaceutical industries and in the energy sector are particularly high: the technical equipment and pipelines in these areas are exposed to strong temperature fluctuations or very low temperatures.

Picto Marine
Ship building

Insulation materials in the maritime environment have to meet particularly high requirements. During an intercontinental crossing, they have to withstand both icy temperatures in Nordic waters and tropical environmental influences within a very short time without losing their insulating function.