At work or at home - we are exposed to noise almost everywhere. It has a negative impact on our well-being, our ability to concentrate and our performance, and can reduce the value of a property. People often find installation noises from water pipes, for example, particularly loud and disturbing - especially if they are adjacent to rooms that require protection, such as bedrooms or workrooms. It is not without reason that the requirements in the area of sound insulation in buildings are higher today than they were a few years ago. With its acoustic range, Kaimann offers various insulation solutions for excellent sound insulation and attenuation for use in building services and commercial installations, as well as wastewater, sewage and rainwater pipes.

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Kaisound 140
Kaisound 140
Kaisound 240
Kaisound 240
Kaivenience AB
Kaivenience AB
Kaivenience AB-ALU
Kaivenience AB-ALU

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  • Kaisound 140
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