Pipelines that transport media at particularly high temperatures must be insulated with insulation materials that can safely withstand these special conditions. In solar systems and heat pumps, for example, the temperature of the media pipes rises to over +100 °C.

But also in the industrial sector, the insulation material has to meet high building requirements. Here, pipelines are frequently exposed to alternating temperatures and transport media in a wide temperature range between +150 °C and -50 °C (-200 °C). Here, too, Kaimann insulation materials maintain their reliable insulating performance, flexibility and constant thermal conductivity over the entire service life of the system.

For the insulation of external piping, the material must also be particularly resistant to UV, ozone as well as weathering.

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Kaiflex EPDMplus
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Kaiflex Solar EPDM
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Kaiflex Solar EPDMplus 2in2

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