Safe and reliable insulation of hot and cold pipes in plumbing and heating systems is essential to prevent energy losses. Whether for the insulation of drinking, hot and cold water pipes or for heating pipes in residential and commercial properties, Kaimann insulation materials reduce these losses to a minimum and always score points with their simple processing and installation. Thanks to their specific thermal properties, they also prevent freezing of pipes and the formation of condensation and associated corrosion. All insulation solutions also provide sound insulation and reduce unwanted cracking and flowing noises.

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Kaiflex HT s2
Kaiflex HT s2
Kaifoam PE
Kaifoam PE
Kaifoam PUR-PVC
Kaifoam PUR-PVC

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  • Kaiflex HT s2
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  • Kaifoam PUR-PVC
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