Product benefits

Efficient and long-term insulation of pipework is of great importance for the energy efficiency and comfort of buildings.

With its very high-level technical attributes, Kaiflex KKplus s3 is the economical alternative for applications requiring the utmost in energy efficiency. This proven closed-cell rubber insulation material has an excellent thermal efficiency of up to λ ≤0.033 (W/m·K) and condensation resistance of up to μ ≥10,000 even at low layer thicknesses, so reliably preventing energy losses and pipe corrosion in the long term.

Kaiflex KKplus s3 is suitable for the technical insulation of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, especially for surfaces and large pipes. The insulation material provides an effective water vapour barrier to ensure reliable insulating performance over the entire operational life of the system.

Highly efficient at any insulation thickness

Kaiflex KKplus s3 sheet material is flexible and easy to work with, and is offered in standard formats from 6 to 32 mm and in thicker versions of e.g. 50 mm, in precut shapes (elbows, strips etc.) and in self-adhesive versions.

Thanks to its antimicrobial and fibre-free structure, the material meets high hygienic requirements and is classified to B-s3, d0, making it especially suitable for insulation in healthcare facilities as well as public, commercial and industrial buildings. For example, it is used in airports, industrial plants, large office complexes and hotels.

Installation: Simple and time-saving

Thanks to the installation-friendly product length and integrated application aid, Kaiflex KKplus s3 Connect installs quickly and easily on large diameter pipework. With the integrated positioning aid – a self-adhesive strip –the insulation material can be affixed to the pipe without tools or additional adhesive. This prevents slipping during installation and makes sure that the longitudinal seams fit together flush. An enlarged cutting and adhesive surface with overlap over the seam contributes additional strength to the bond. It also makes overhead handling easier, saving time on-site and increasing the speed of application.

Improved planning and ecological transparency

To assist planners and installers in selecting the optimum insulation system, the Kaimann Fire Protection Planner at offers further information and specialist support.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) make the ecological assessment of Kaimann insulation materials even more transparent. In this way, the company assists in the planning and certification of sustainable buildings.

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Product highlights

Pictogram, Water Diffusion

Reliable prevention of condensation

Dew formation can lead to damage to insulation as well as technical equipment. Due to its closed-cell property, Kaiflex keeps pipes and ducts dry and prevents corrosion under the insulation (CUI).

Pictogram, Thermal Efficiency

Excellent thermal values minimise energy losses

Inadequately insulated technical installations generate increased operational costs. Kaiflex has low thermal conductivity, which results in lower energy losses and increases the efficiency of the entire installation.

Pictogram, Fire

High safety due to good fire behaviour

The requirements for certified safety in case of fire have increased worldwide for elastomeric insulation materials. Kaiflex reduces the spread of fire and smoke, is self-extinguishing and does not drip off when burning.

Pictogram, Antimicrobial

Anti-microbial finish

Mould growth can affect indoor air quality. Kaiflex provides effective protection against moisture penetration, is naturally anti-microbial and resistant to mould growth, leaving bacteria no chance.


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