Product benefits

Protect (R) HD is a flexible, completely waterproof coating system
for protecting Kaimann insulation. The fabric-reinforced elastomer film with standard PVC coating scores points with many properties that keep insulation safely protected in areas of application where they are especially at risk, like industrial plants, engine rooms and in the offshore sector. The system is extremely resistant to all kinds of weather influences, UV radiation, saltwater, chemicals and mechanical strain.

Protection from mechanical influences

Especially in industrial plants, insulation is exposed to often extreme mechanical stresses. Thanks to its outstanding tear and puncture resistance, Protect (R) HD is very tough and long-lived. As a flexible covering system, it shows no long-term deformation from mechanical stress, and thus provides sure protection against holes, tears, leaky seams and undesired wrinkles or folds. This provides long-term protection for the insulation system and minimizes energy losses.

No risk of corrosion

Since the film has a non-metallic structure, can be welded and so has high water vapour diffusion resistance, it minimizes the long-term risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI). This results in much lower inspection and maintenance effort, and higher system safety. Furthermore, systems can be cleaned by high pressure without running the risk of damaging the insulation. This covering system can thus completely replace metal cladding, which is difficult to install and liable to galvanic corrosion.

Simple, sure installation

Because the film is very easy to weld and bond, applying Protect (R) HD is light work. That saves time and money in sizing. Kaimann also offers this coating system in combination with its insulation materials, which again shortens installation time.

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Product highlights

Piktogram, UV

The outdoor solution

In outdoor applications, insulation is exposed to large temperature fluctuations, UV light , ozone and weathering. Kaiflex reliably withstands these influences.

Pictogram, Water Diffusion

A system for all cases

Due to the high water vapour tightness of the film, the risk of corrosion under the insulation is sustainably minimised. The system is extremely resistant to all types of weathering.

Pictogram, Application, Fast

Saving time

The right solution for every application and challenge: thanks to Kaiflex products optimised for installation, insulation is quick and easy.


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