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Insulation products in the interior of standard carriages with limited use in tunnels must comply with the highest requirements for both high- and low-temperature insulation, as well as corrosion and noise protection.

Kaiflex railLSLT (low smoke, low toxicity) is a real all-round technical insulation. In addition to providing thermal insulation for heating and ventilation systems, the passive fire protection, halogen-free elastomer also offers acoustic insulation of floors, walls and ceilings. The flexible insulation product also prevents the development of condensation at floor level and is suitable for large-scale insulation between the shells of external walls.

With its Kaiflex railLSLT, Kaimann actively contributes to personnel safety in the event of a fire. Not only does less smoke develop than with conventional, organic insulation products, the smoke is also light, making it easier to identify escape routes.

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Product highlights

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Excellent thermal values minimise energy losses

Inadequately insulated technical installations generate increased operational costs. Kaiflex has low thermal conductivity, which results in lower energy losses and increases the efficiency of the entire installation.

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High safety due to good fire behaviour

The requirements for certified safety in case of fire have increased worldwide for elastomeric insulation materials. Kaiflex reduces the spread of fire and smoke, is self-extinguishing and does not drip off when burning.

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Guaranteed halogen-free

Kaiflex is free of PVC, chlorides and brominated flame retardants, making it the ideal choice for construction projects with high safety requirements.

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Low smoke toxicity

Smoke toxicity is an important factor for insulation used offshore or in a sensitive environment. Kaiflex is available in halogen-free grades with the lowest smoke gas toxicity.


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Those who pay attention to careful planning, workmanship and quality in a project design, can avoid costly system malfunctions or even failures and can thus keep operating costs stable in the long term - or even reduce them sustainably. Decisive for this is both the choice of the right insulation material and the correct calculation of insulation thickness. Our insulation thickness calculator Kaicalc provides reliable support around the clock.

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