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According to EN 45545, in the event of a fire, the protection and safety of passengers and personnel should be awarded the highest priority. To ensure this, it is first and foremost necessary to prevent the spread of fire and the development of smoke gas which is hazardous to health.

Kaiflex railCLAD is a halogen-free elastomer composite with a very high insulation effect and smoke-restricting, fire-proof foil cladding. The insulation product provides active protection by expanding when exposed to heat, thus closing or shielding holes and preventing the fire from spreading to the next carriage or compartment. This also allows flammable substrates to meet the component inspection requirements of R1 HL3. The halogen- and heavy-metal-free materials prevent the development of toxic gases and dust particles in the event of a fire. This is particularly important in the case of railway vehicles that spend the majority of their travel time in underground sections with restricted evacuation conditions.

Kaiflex railCLAD also minimises energy losses and, thanks to its UV resistance, it is particularly suitable for exterior applications. The insulation product complies with all regional and national railway vehicle standards.

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Effective sound insulation performance reduces noise pollution

Acoustic comfort improves the quality of life. Kaimann products have sound-absorbing properties that reduce the noise level of technical equipment and contribute to a quieter environment.

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High safety due to good fire behaviour

The requirements for certified safety in case of fire have increased worldwide for elastomeric insulation materials. Kaiflex reduces the spread of fire and smoke, is self-extinguishing and does not drip off when burning.

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The outdoor solution

In outdoor applications, insulation is exposed to large temperature fluctuations, UV light , ozone and weathering. Kaiflex reliably withstands these influences.

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Very good protection against damage

Mechanical influences can possibly deteriorate the performance of the insulation. Kaimann products are available with very robust jackets that protect the insulation from common causes of damage.

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Excellent thermal values minimise energy losses

Inadequately insulated technical installations generate increased operational costs. Kaiflex has low thermal conductivity, which results in lower energy losses and increases the efficiency of the entire installation.


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Those who pay attention to careful planning, workmanship and quality in a project design, can avoid costly system malfunctions or even failures and can thus keep operating costs stable in the long term - or even reduce them sustainably. Decisive for this is both the choice of the right insulation material and the correct calculation of insulation thickness. Our insulation thickness calculator Kaicalc provides reliable support around the clock.

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