Calculate material consumption reliably

Short construction times, high cost pressure, the next orders already in the queue - as a rule, things have to be done quickly and efficiently on the construction site.

This also applies to the installation of the technical insulation. Anything that can be precisely calculated in advance is helpful.

The solution: a technical advice from Kaimann, with which installers can calculate expected material consumption in advance. For Kaiflex products, the working aid lists the standard quantities (panels) and minimum insulation thicknesses according to VDI 2055. This makes it quick and easy to calculate how much have normally be planned for which project. In addition, the brochure provides information on the amount of adhesive to be planned for when processing hoses. It also shows how much Kaiflex Tape must be used to seal adhesive joints and seams, branches and bandages.

The result: offers for the customer can be prepared much more precisely in terms of time and consumption. Material waste and incorrect orders are reduced to a minimum.