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To guarantee a high level of personal safety in the event of fire, any overall planning concept needs to address smoke prevention or reduction. This means that the construction materials used in a building should not only be fire-resistant, but should also produce as little smoke as possible.

With Kaiflex KKplus s1, Kaimann offers an optimally coordinated insulation system, which in its entirety meets European fire class B/BL-s1, d0 per EN 13501-1 in the event of fire – the highest class attainable with elastomeric foams. The insulation, consisting of FEF (flexible elastomeric foam), a closed-cell synthetic rubber, is thus Kaimann’s highest safety level for areas needing extra fire protection. At smoke development class s1 (“low smoke development”), the insulation meets the strictest European requirements for smoke and the building supervisory requirements of MVV TB 2020/1 for flame-resistant building products, and for many pipe penetration solutions it provides at least 90 minutes of fire resistance per DIN 4102-11 and EN 1366.

In the event of a fire in occupied areas, the use of Kaiflex KKplus s1 means that escape and rescue routes remain visible longer, even as smoke spreads. The low smoke development of the highest smoke class s1 reduces the risk of injury and property damage by significantly reducing the danger of suffocation and smoke poisoning, as well as the contamination of building inventory and technical equipment.

Hoses with patented KaiCene technology, a further development of the standard material, meet s1 classification even without coating, thus offering both low smoke development and high flame retardance. This high-performance material mix thus meets the especially high requirements of fire protection for technical insulation. Additionally, the higher standards for flame retardance for panel materials are met by the use of a low-smoke laminate, which in the event of fire foams up and so acts as a barrier. The result is excellent smoking behaviour.

Versatile applications:

This premium insulation system is especially suitable for use in highly frequented public and commercial buildings like airports, large office complexes and hotels, as well as apartment buildings, industrial plants and ships. Due to its fibre-free and antimicrobial nature, it meets the highest hygienic requirements, and so can be used in medical facilities such as hospitals. Here the closed-cell insulation provides ideal, unbroken heat and cold insulation of pipes and ductwork. The high mechanical resilience of the glass fibre-reinforced coating makes additional surface protection superfluous in many areas.

Smart advantages:

Kaimann makes it easier to meet your fire safety requirements for technical insulation, and saves you time and money too, since there is no need to change materials for building component isolation in pipe systems. This brings substantial savings in time and costs. The fully coordinated product range, consisting of sheet, tube, pipe support, adhesive, Kaifix ECplus joint adhesive and tape, assures high system dependability. In addition, up to an outside pipe diameter of up to 133 mm for steel and 42 mm for copper, no additional fire protection mat is needed when using Kaiflex KKplus s1 in penetrations through solid structural components.

Kaiflex KKplus s1 combines very good lambda values of ≤0.038 W/(m·K) with the highest standards in fire performance. This flexible insulation with its closed-cell structure acts as a water vapour barrier, preventing the formation of condensation and thereby reducing the risk of CUI (corrosion under insulation). As a result, due to its technical properties, this insulation contributes to a substantial reduction in energy costs.

With its classification and benefits, Kaiflex KKplus s1 makes planning for high fire protection requirements easier and safer. Additional assistance in planning and selecting the optimum insulation system is provided by the Kaimann Fire Protection Planner at The Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) make the ecological assessment of Kaimann insulations even more transparent. In this way, the company assists in the planning and certification of sustainable buildings.

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Product highlights

Pictogram, Smoke

Reduced smoke

In the event of a fire, visibility in rooms and corridors must be guaranteed for as long as possible. Through improved fire behaviour, Kaiflex increases personal protection and reduces contamination of building inventory.

Piktogram, Systém

Complete system from a single source

Often the building materials have to be changed within a trade. Kaimann offers a coordinated overall system consisting of closed-cell insulation materials and matching accessories.

Pictogram, Water Diffusion

Reliable prevention of condensation

Dew formation can lead to damage to insulation as well as technical equipment. Due to its closed-cell property, Kaiflex keeps pipes and ducts dry and prevents corrosion under the insulation (CUI).

Pictogram, Fire

Various solutions for preventive fire protection

In the event of a fire, fire, smoke and fire gases can spread to neighbouring rooms via pipe penetrations. Kaiflex offers certified fire protection systems with a minimum fire resistance of 90 minutes.

INCERAM-Cladding by Kaimann

Thanks to KaiCene-Technology and INCERAM-Cladding Kaiflex KKplus s1 offers very low smoke development and high flame retardancy at once. Thereby it significantly helps to protect people: escape routes remain visible and the danger of suffocation and poisoning is significantly reduced. Lifesaving in the event of a fire. Planners and contractors can be sure that they are on the safe side with Kaiflex KKplus s1.


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