CUI Special

Rust acts. Permanently. It eats away, gets stuck in, never lets up – and is thus capable of causing considerable damage to technical equipment and pipework systems. Economically speaking, corrosion is therefore a significant cost factor in terms of claims settlement. In the worst case, leaks in large-scale systems can even cause fires or explosions and endanger human life.   

CUI: The installer is responsible

​Particularly deceptive: corrosion under insulation (CUI). It's the responsibility of the installer to be aware of the risk of corrosion and take appropriate preventative measures. These depend on the choice of materials, their combination and the quality of the installation.

Reducing risks over the long term

Kaimann corrosion protection systems play a major part in safely curbing the risk of corrosion. Their material structure and intelligent technical properties permanently prevent a high degree of moisture absorption – and thus one of the triggers of CUI.

Find out more about how corrosion occurs and what you can do to effectively prevent CUI.

Understanding and preventing corrosion