Winter weather warning: Applying Kaiflex properly

Wet and cold winter weather changes the way construction materials act, due partly to the low temperatures and partly to the high humidity.

It is very important to take these effects into consideration when working with Kaiflex liquid adhesives and self-adhesive products in winter weather, in order to ensure a good bond.

Here we provide the information you need to know when using Kaiflex adhesives and self-adhesive products in the winter.

Low temperatures inhibit adhesive curing

If the outside temperature is just over freezing, the use of Kaiflex liquid adhesives needs to be carefully planned. The minimum ambient temperature for use is 0 °C. Temperatures under +5 °C are not recommended, since the adhesive’s open time and drying time are very long and there is a heightened risk of poor bonds. Kaiflex liquid adhesives should not be used at all in ambient temperatures below freezing. The ideal temperature of application is + 20 °C. At this temperature, the curing time is 36 hours. Please note that during this time the temperature must not drop below 0 °C. If the adhesive is too cold, it can be warmed up to application temperature in a water bath.

But the dampness and moisture of winter weather also inhibit good bonding. If the humidity is over 80 percent, there can be excessive condensation on the bonding surface or the adhesive film. As a result, the bond may fail partially or completely, so the surfaces need to be dried with a cloth before bonding. Excessive humidity also has a negative effect on drying time.

Recommendation: Always apply adhesive only to a limited area. As a rule of thumb, apply Kaiflex insulation in steps of about a metre of hose at a time.


Properly using self-adhesive products

Self-adhesive products (tube, sheet, Protect and butyl strips) should be applied only at ambient temperatures above +10 °C, or +5 °C for the Protect sealant. Also, note that larger hoses and thick insulation are stiffer and therefore harder to work with at temperatures around freezing. Here again, the ideal application temperature is +20 °C. Before application, the surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of dust and grease. Use a brush with short, stiff bristles (like the Kaiflex brush). Dirty surfaces should be cleaned first with Kaiflex cleaner. For best results, use Kaiflex tools like knives, brushes and cutting templates.


Kaifinish corrosion protection systems

The Kaifinish line is a corrosion protection system for use under insulation in industrial plants and technical installations in buildings. It prevents corrosion by sealing metal surfaces to prevent contact with air and moisture. We recommend multiple coats, starting with Kaifinish Primer to provide adhesion, then Kaifinish Base and finally Kaifinish Cover as a top coat. Under ideal conditions of 65 % relative humidity and +25 °C ambient temperature, the layers can be painted over in 10 minutes and are completely dry after 3.5 hours. The minimum temperature of application is +5 °C or at least +3 °C above the dew point.

We recommend Kaifinish Color as a weather-resistant and aging-proof colour coating for outdoor use. It adheres well, but should be applied only at temperatures over +10 °C. The colder the outside temperature and the thicker the coat, the longer it will take to dry. At +20 °C, complete drying time is about 6 hours.