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Kaiflex EPDMplus is the all-purpose solution for pipes carrying hot or cold fluids, or that are subject to temperature fluctuations. The elastomer insulation retains its flexibility and constant thermal conductivity of λ0°C ≤0.038 W/(m·K) within a wide temperature range of +150 °C to –50 °C (–200 °C).The foam ensures reliable insulating performance over the entire operational life of the system.Its closed-cell structure and low thermal conductivity reliably prevent the accumulation of condensation, and thereby increase the energy efficiency and service life of the system.

Flexible use

Thanks to its wide temperature resistance, Kaiflex EPDMplus meets the highest demands of building technology in the industrial sector, and is therefore the dependable choice for insulating tanks, containers, pipes, power units and fixtures – in many industries including the food industry, chemical-pharmaceutical industry as well as heavy industry. In cryogenics, Kaiflex EPDMplus is used as part of multilayer insulation systems.

The EPDM material can also be used in outdoor applications. In these environments, insulation is subjected to the additional stresses of wide temperature variations, UV radiation and ozone. Thanks to its composition, Kaiflex EPDMplus can be used without additional coatings in outdoor applications to protect against UV, ozone and weather.

Easy installation

With special accessories like Kaiflex EPDM adhesive and tape, Kaiflex EPDMplus is quick and easy to install.

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) makes the ecological assessment of Kaimann insulation materials transparent. In this way, Kaimann assists in the planning and certification of sustainable buildings.

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Product highlights

Piktogram, UV

The outdoor solution

In outdoor applications, insulation is exposed to large temperature fluctuations, UV light , ozone and weathering. Kaiflex reliably withstands these influences.

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Constant performance at high temperatures

Pipework can be exposed to very high temperatures. Kaiflex maintains its flexible properties and full functionality in a wide temperature range up to + 150 °C.

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Excellent thermal values minimise energy losses

Inadequately insulated technical installations generate increased operational costs. Kaiflex has low thermal conductivity, which results in lower energy losses and increases the efficiency of the entire installation.


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