EHS day by Kaimann

EHS Day was held around the world to spur employees on in the areas of "environment," "health" and "safety."

EHS stands for Environment, Health and Safety. Health and safety for all employees is a top priority for us. This day was also duly celebrated at our plant and various events were held. The focus was on occupational safety and thus on the task of bringing or keeping occupational accidents and illnesses to "zero".

The day began at the stand of nutritionist with freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable smoothies. The exact ingredients could be guessed and participated in a raffle. Her expert opinion on healthy eating: "If you don't want to eat the salad, you should drink it! At most, only the bottom third of a blender should be filled with fruit, the rest with what the fridge can provide - i.e. vegetables!"

Accompanied by the ergonomics consultant who had come all the way from Germany, we made our way through our production halls. She evaluated the work steps of our employees: "Often, only one side of the body is subjected to heavy and repeated strain. This strain on the shoulder muscles, for example, causes tendons to shorten. The resulting calcifications in old age could lead to immobility. Such work steps are already and will be replaced by machines in the future to relieve the workers:

e.g. the gluing of our packaging.

In the production industry, however, frequent bending and lifting is unavoidable, which puts stress on the shoulders and knees. The advantage is clearly our material, which is very light! Nevertheless, the expert emphasized that even without any weight, there is already a heavy load on our spine, just when we bend down. Therefore, she recommends regular fitness exercises here. She noticed directly, however, what motivated and above all also sporty employees we have! According to the consultant, more athletic employees already instinctively made better movements, for example, when lifting packages, which help preventively against possible complaints in old age.


But other ergonomic measures were also taken in advance at Kaimann:

Here you can see, although light packages, they still had to be stacked laboriously. Such work steps are now automatically taken over by a robot arm and our employees can better concentrate on the processing and packaging of our products.




In addition, the employees could also have their feet measured today in order to get new work shoes. In addition, they also received tips directly from the experts on possible insoles that relieve the foot.

EHs-Tag_22-Füße vermessen_2
EHs-Tag_22-Füße vermessen_3
EHs-Tag_22-Füße vermessen

People were also able to get advice on the right hand care. Thanks to a measuring device, an expert assessed the skin on the hands and explained the appropriate skin care:


In the end, it was an exciting day where everyone could visit interesting stations about EHS together. We are looking forward to next year!