In various demanding industries such as rail transport, automotive and apparatus and plant engineering, Kaimann insulation materials are important components for a high-quality end product.

For example, many trucks and buses are equipped with air-conditioning systems for greater comfort. Their heat- and cold-carrying lines should be insulated to achieve high energy efficiency. In rail transport, the focus is on fire protection to ensure a high level of passenger safety. The aim here is to prevent or minimize the spread of fire and the formation of toxic gases.

In production plants, insulation is used for soundproofing and thermal insulation. Since Kaimann insulation materials meet increased hygiene requirements thanks to their antimicrobial, fiber-free structure, they can also be installed in cabinets containing sensitive equipment.

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  • Kaiflex Protect Alu-NET (ST)
  • Kaiflex EF
  • Kaiflex EF Tape
  • Kaiflex EPDMplus
  • Kaiflex EPDMplus Tape
  • Kaiflex HFplus s2
  • Kaiflex HFplus s2 Tape
  • Kaiflex KKplus s1
  • Kaiflex KKplus s1 Tape
  • Kaiflex KKplus s2
  • Kaiflex KKplus s2 Tape
  • Kaiflex KKplus s3
  • Kaiflex KKplus s3 Tape
  • Kaisound 240
  • Kaiflex Protect F-BLACK (ST)
  • Kaiflex railLSLT
  • Kaiflex ST
  • Kaiflex ST s2
  • Kaiflex Connect
  • Kaiflex railCLAD
  • Kaiflex railPROTECT
  • Kaiflex RT-ST
  • Kaiflex RT-KKplus
  • Kaiflex RT-KKplus s1/s2
  • Kaiflex RT-HFplus s2
  • Kaiflex FT
  • Glue pump
  • Brush
  • Set of knives
  • Sheet knife
  • Ceramic knife
  • Gel Pen
  • Kaiflex Cleaner
  • Kaiflex ST Tape
  • Elastomeric Tape
  • Kaiflex Protect Alu Tape
  • Alu Tape
  • Kaiflex Protect Alu Butyl Tape
  • Kaiflex railLSLT Tape
  • Kaiflex Protect BLACK Butyl Tape
  • Kaisound 140
  • Kaiflex Special Adhesive 414
  • Kaiflex Special Adhesive 494 HHF
  • Kaiflex Special Adhesive EPDM
  • Kaiflex Special Adhesive 515 ECO
  • Kaifinish Base
  • Kaifinish Primer
  • Kaifinish Cover
  • Protect (R) HD
  • Kaifinish Color
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More applications

Picto HVAC
Building services

The areas of application for insulation materials in building services are wide-ranging - our elastomeric Kaiflex insulation materials must therefore also meet different requirements.

Picto Indutsry
Operating technology

The demands on insulating materials in the food and chemical/pharmaceutical industries and in the energy sector are particularly high: the technical equipment and pipelines in these areas are exposed to strong temperature fluctuations or very low temperatures.

Picto Marine
Ship building

Insulation materials in the maritime environment have to meet particularly high requirements. During an intercontinental crossing, they have to withstand both icy temperatures in Nordic waters and tropical environmental influences within a very short time without losing their insulating function.