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Kaifinish is a paint system. This makes it easy to process and fast drying. Multi-layer buildups
and rework are done within a short time.

Kaifinish coatings are tested for compatibility with each other and with the elastomeric insulation products Kaiflex and Kaisound
: They therefore do not affect the properties of these materials when used correctly. Likewise, the corrosion protection system is compatible with Kaiflex special adhesives.

Kaifinish provides corrosion protection by shielding, i.e. isolating the metal at risk by excluding air and moisture. Unlike loss systems (mica, zinc, etc.) Kaifinish is a passive protection, does not change its protective effect over time and is much faster to apply.

The base coat Kaifinish Base is applied to ferrous metals or Kaifinish Primer and thus forms a DIN-compliant base coat.

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Those who pay attention to careful planning, workmanship and quality in a project design, can avoid costly system malfunctions or even failures and can thus keep operating costs stable in the long term - or even reduce them sustainably. Decisive for this is both the choice of the right insulation material and the correct calculation of insulation thickness. Our insulation thickness calculator Kaicalc provides reliable support around the clock.

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