Logistics 4.0: Fast and problem-free supply with Kairopak

As a developer of modern technologies, Kaimann is continually improving its processes and products. This benefits merchants and installers in equal measure, especially as regards optimal supply performance. In order to meet the demand for flexible, short-notice delivery even more effectively, insulation specialist Kaimann has brought out the Kairopak logistics and packaging system.

Shorter cartons and uniform white packaging – these were the initial and immediately obvious changes for customers when the switch was made to Kairopak. But reducing the system merely to its packaging would be an oversimplification. There is more to it – an innovative all-in service consisting of future-oriented logistics and functionally packaged products, that impacts positively on the entire value chain and provides customers with real added value.

Fast delivery of small quantities right to the construction site

Kairopak also enables flexible, need-based delivery of smaller units, directly to the construction site or warehouse. The ability to send individual cartons cost-effectively significantly speeds up resupply deliveries. Parcel service capability also guarantees tracking of parcel service shipping. This gives users the option to optimally integrate Kairopak into value-adding online services, and in doing so to increase customer loyalty.

Efficient warehousing, simpler handing, better for the environ-ment

The new system is space-saving as well as efficient: The adjusted length of 1.20 m results in 63 % lower pallet volume and 40 % lower carton volume. The shorter cartons don’t just reduce warehousing space. The reduced dimensions greatly simplify handling in the warehouse and at the construction site as well.

In summary, the overall benefit is that this logistics and packaging system is explicitly designed to improve handling and supply chain performance. Because this intelligent new development is also eco-friendly, it has received an innovation prize from the French trading group SOCODA, awarded to manufacturers of especially sustainable and ecological products.