Easy-to-install soundproofing solutions for rainwater and sewage pipes

At home or in the workplace, we are surrounded by sound everywhere we go. It impedes the well-being, concentration and productivity of a building’s occupants, and can even reduce the value of a property. In addition to a building’s ambient noise, we are often sensitive to noise from installations like water pipes. These noises can be particularly loud and disruptive – especially if they are next to rooms that should be kept quiet, like bedrooms and offices.

That’s why Kaimann, one of the leading technology providers, has added the Kaivenience noise protection system to its range of acoustic solutions. In combination with various acoustic coatings, it provides acoustic insulation for sewage, grey water, and rainwater pipes. With an insulation thickness of just 5 or 10 mm, this solution is thinner than conventional systems, making it especially suitable for installation in narrow spaces, and retrofits during renovation, for example.

Effective sound proofing

Among the many types of disruptive installation noise are falling water and the sound of water hitting bends in pipe systems. In the event of physical contact, such as a mounting bracket connecting a pipeline and a wall, the vibrations can propagate from surface to surface and cause structure-borne sound. Kaivenience provides relief.

The multi-layered noise protection system from Kaimann is based on an open-pore, hydrophobic and flexible acoustic insulation material with a synthetic rubber base. Applied to pipes, Kaivenience prevents vibrations from being transmitted by structures and also effectively attenuates airborne sound. The system effectively reduces noise from falling, impact and flowing, and even covers a range of higher frequencies.


Efficient solutions for indoors and outdoors

Kaivenience is available in three different varieties. Kaivenience AB features a lead-free, heavy foil polymeric coating and is suitable for insulating interior lines. Kaivenience AB-ALU comes with all of that, plus an aluminium composite foil. It provides optimal insulation for visible areas indoors and for outdoor lines. Kaivenience Plus, with a highly dense and durable polymeric coating, is a further option for outdoor insulation. These various solutions are available in insulation thicknesses of 5 and 10 mm and as standard panel cuts, as well as with self-adhesive film.

Tested for up to 18 dB(A) level attenuation

To demonstrate the noise reduction effect of Kaivenience, official tests were performed based on *DIN 4109:2018-01 and DIN EN 14366:2005-2. The results confirm that at a water flow of 2 l/s in a light sewage system of plastic, the pipe coating achieves a level re-duction of up to 15 dB(A) in the installation space and up to 18 dB(A) in the room behind the installation wall. It therefore fulfils the noise protection requirements for building construction stipulated by *DIN 4109 and VDI 4100.