Kaiflex HT s2 replaces Kaiflex HTplus

Dependable fire protection to material class CL-s2, d0 – this is what Kaimann’s new Kaiflex HT s2 offers, which goes on the market on 1 June 2021 and replaces Kaiflex HTplus. This insulation material develops only small amounts of smoke, is self-extinguishing and doesn’t drip off burning, and so in every category meets the requirements of the tightened definition of “flame retardant” products per the revised German Technical Building Rules (MVV TB). These mandate that flame retardant building products used in construction requiring approval, such as new construction or renovations and changes to existing structures, meet the new minimum requirement of C/CL-s2, d0.

Like its predecessor Kaiflex HTplus, the new Kaiflex HT s2 product family is a universally usable insulation for interior drinking water, hot and cold water pipes as well as heating pipes, in residential and commercial buildings. The range of proven tube formats for HVAC offers solutions for all applications addressed by the German Energy Saving Ordinance (GEG). For example, in Application Area A it can be used with 100% insulating layer thickness in unheated cellars. Thanks to its good heat insulation – constant heat conductivity across all dimensions is lJ at +40 °C to ≤ 0.040 W/(m×K) – Kaiflex HT s2 can significantly reduce the energy costs of a building simply by insulating the accessible pipework. At the same time, the low heat conductivity ensures that the defined temperatures for cold water pipes (DIN 1988-200) and hot water pipes (DIN EN 806-2) are safely maintained, preventing the growth of legionella bacteria. Free from CFC, H-CFC gases and fibres, Kaiflex HT s2 also meets ele-vated hygienic requirements and contributes to a positive room climate.

High performance and versatility

The grey tubular material with its closed cell structure acts as a water vapour barrier, preventing the formation of condensation and thereby reducing the risk of CUI (corrosion under insulation). Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, Kaiflex HT s2 needs no additional biocides, and provides effective protection against mould and bacteria growth. Furthermore, it reduces unwanted flow and tap noises of fluids in pipes. This makes Kaiflex HT s2 the ideal choice for builders who value good energy efficiency, adherence to high safety standards and noise insulation.