Recognised training is the first step on the way into your professional future and the basis for an interesting and successful professional life. Your training and education is important to us!​​​

We provide training to ensure and expand the knowledge of our employees and company trainers, and to be able to pass this on to the next generation. All of our company trainees become part of our team from day one.


More than school

Independent from vocational school training, on-the-job training complements your knowledge of our products, our technical applications and our IT systems. Kaimann is growing and in the coming years will become increasingly international. This is why we place considerable importance on foreign language knowledge and intercultural skills.

Your prospects

Want to achieve more? We motivate and support those talented and ambitious young people, who have completed their training with us through sandwich degrees that build on and strengthen that which they've already learned.

Get an impression

Not yet sure which profession is the right one for you?

We offer you the opportunity of completing an internship for school pupils in all of the occupations. This will give you an overview of the duties involved in each of the positions and you will gain an initial impression of what it feels like to work at Kaimann. In our technical professions, it is particularly important for you to complete an internship in order to get to know what the profession is like and to gain some initial experience.​​

We train in the following apprenticeships:

Industrial Clerk
Industrial mechanic
Process mechanic
Machine and plant operator