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Ventilation systems have many different components that work together to ensure a good supply of fresh air. In order for them to operate efficiently, the ducts must be insulated. This is particularly the case for ducts taking in outside air, where insulation outside or inside the duct is used to protect against condensation. With Kaiflex Duct Alu, Kaimann offers a solution with the optimum insulation layer thickness for rectangular ventilation ducts and shafts, which insulates effectively and economically.

Long-lasting performance

Kaiflex Duct Alu delivers reliable long-term insulation performance. The closed-cell foam stands up to the considerable temperature difference between the duct surface and the surrounding air along with the humidity, avoids corrosion and prevents energy losses – for the entire life of the system. Kaiflex Duct Alu also effectively reduces the transmission of unwelcome noises through ventilation equipment.

Its acoustic properties, combined with a fibre-free structure to meet strict hygienic requirements, make Kaiflex Duct Alu ideal for use in public, commercial and industrial buildings. Kaiflex Duct Alu also has an aluminium coating that protects the surface and looks good, for visible installation situations.

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Product highlights

Pictogram, Cost Saving

The economical insulation

Kaiflex is the economical insulation solution for builders and building operators with demands for energy efficiency and quality.

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Reliable prevention of condensation

Dew formation can lead to damage to insulation as well as technical equipment. Due to its closed-cell property, Kaiflex keeps pipes and ducts dry and prevents corrosion under the insulation (CUI).

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Good protection against damage

Mechanical influences can, under certain circumstances, deteriorate the performance of the insulation. Kaimann products are available with visually appealing jackets that protect the insulation from possible damage.

Pictogram, Dust and Fibre Free

Meets high hygienic requirements

Kaiflex insulation materials are free of dust and fibre particles for high hygienic requirements during installation and during system operation.


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Those who pay attention to careful planning, workmanship and quality in a project design, can avoid costly system malfunctions or even failures and can thus keep operating costs stable in the long term - or even reduce them sustainably. Decisive for this is both the choice of the right insulation material and the correct calculation of insulation thickness. Our insulation thickness calculator Kaicalc provides reliable support around the clock.

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