KaiTrace - all important information at a glance by one click

Our insulation material has a functional product label: the KaiTrace Code. Thereby all important safety information as well as relevant certificates and quality certifications are digitally retrievable at any time. Optionally, this can be forwarded to project participants.

And this is how it works:


Discover KaiTrace!

Read the 13 digit KaiTrace code from the insulation material. You will find it on our tubes as well as on our sheets.

Get online!

Check www.kaitrace.com/en on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are, enter the code in the appropriate text box and click "Trace it!"
Trace it! 

Trace it!

Euroclass, declaration of performance (DoP) and declaration of conformence (CoCoP) – you get all relevant information and documents of your product by one click.