More service, more transparency, more reliability

Safety, sustainability, and efficiency rank first in constructions plans. The quality of building products as well as their perfect and secure processing are therefore of vital importance. At the same time the progressive digitalization and process optimization of building occupy our branch increasingly.

Against the background of the future project “Industry 4.0”, the high tech strategy of the Federal Government, all parties face the challenge to take the plunge to more efficient, economic, sustainable and transparent planning and manufacturing processes. Important features are comprehensive and networked information processing and reliable traceability of building products.

With Kaimann you have a future-oriented partner by your side, who works continuously on encountering these actual challenges proactive. This is why we invest consistently in modern production, innovative logistics, intelligent process optimization and safety – from what our customers take profit.

This optimization is now directly visible on our proven high quality products. All of our tubes and sheets are provided with a functional product label: the KaiTrace Code.

This code has everything: With the help of KaiTrace all relevant certificates and quality certifications are digitally retrievable at any time. Moreover, products that have already been installed, can completely be documented, traced back and as required forwarded to other project participants via KaiTrace.

True to the old adage “The intrinsic values are really what counts”, the performance of all our products stay on the proven high level in terms of the quality.