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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Industrial Applications

Even a slight flaw or defect in pipework can result in a major financial and ecological disaster on large scale industrial sites. Long term pipe maintenance begins with preventing corrosion from occurring. Pipework on heavy industrial sites is insulated for a variety of reasons. Ensuring processes remain within tight temperature tolerances is a high priority. Controlling surface temperatures to prevent accidental injury is also important, as is ensuring personnel do not experience long term hearing damage from very loud pipework.

One priority however remains consistent. With the cost of maintenance so high and the consequences of pipe corrosion so dangerous, potentially even fatal, insulated pipe must not corrode.

With prolonged exposure to an aggressive, often saline, atmosphere only highly moisture resistant insulation is likely to keep the pipe dry for a long period of time.

​​Insulation should therefore be present that is able to demonstrate the following attributes:

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Kaiflex insulation prevents corrosion under insulation.


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