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Content Part Libraries

These libraries help you editing content snippets for special parts of the pages.​

​​Footer Texts​
Solution Design Consideration Boxes​
Predefined filters for the main Downloadpage​

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 Pages Library

Every piece of new content goes here. Different Content Types offer different Fields which need to be filled to correctly turn up on the internet site later on.
The content search mechanism will index all of the content and provide it to the right sites according to the metadata and tags which are used.

New content does not automatically turn up on the presentation site, it has to be crawled by the search index once. Contact aXon or your administrator if
you need further information on these topics.

The details for filling in the content will be discussed in a special content workshop provided by aXon.

Document Library

The document library hosts documents. These are downloadables like PDFs but not images. Images are stored in a dedicated site solely for images and assets.


The asset site collection is used to store all images and videos which are to be inserted on content pages. Special fields for special kinds of images are included
in each content type. Additionally images can also be inserted freely via the WYSIWYG Editor for page content.

Special images like Headers, relatedThumbs and Slider Images need to have fixed dimensions to fit into the layout properly.

  • relatedThumbs are to be 300 x 100 px.
  • Header images are to be exactly 118​0 px wide.
  • Selector (Slider) images need to be the same size each.

For retina displays the solution needs to be doubled.