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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kaipro Systems
​Multi-layered expertise for demanding environments.


Kaipro systems

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Kaipro Systems​​


Engineering an industrial insulation system is about more than maximising thermal performance. Every component must be precisely tailored to optimise the overall performance in the most demanding of environments.​

Kaipro is a range of thermal & acoustic products and solutions aimed specifically at meeting the challenges presented by serious industrial applications.

Developed by Kaimann, specialists in mechanical insulation for industrial applications, Kaipro combines the unique strengths of different materials to create innovative solutions that build upon established techniques to provide a comprehensive and long lasting system of energy saving that minimises the risk of corrosion under insulation.

​The advantages of composite materials are well known. Composites have the potential to be stronger and more flexible whilst at the same time offering a reduction in weight and thickness.

Kaipro systems build upon a composite system approach – utilising layers that maximise thermal & acoustic performance by using materials for the job they were designed for.

Extreme Temperature Resistance
Kaipro systems present the option to build upon Kaiglass – rigid non-combustible cellular glass insulation. Kaiglass is completely non-combustible and is designed for use at temperatures from -200°C to +430°C without freezing or experiencing physical change. Incredibly strong and load bearing, Kaiglass provides a solid base for even the heaviest composite systems. product information​​
Thermal Insulation
PerformanceMinimising thickness and weight means using more effective lightweight insulation. Kaipro systems incorporate layers of flexible closed cell Kaiflex insulation. The excellent thermal properties of Kaiflex reduce thickness requirements whilst the inherent moisture resistance and easily vapour sealed structure enhances the exceptional ability of Kaipro systems to resist pipe corrosion under insulation. product information
Maximum Sound Absorption
The best sound absorbers are flexible open cell foams that subject sound waves to the dissipating forces of friction which is why Kaipro acoustic systems utilise Kaisound Splus – an open cell foam engineered to maximise absorption and enhance insertion loss at key frequencies to reduce nuisance noise without increasing thickness or weight. product information
Kaiflex Protect R:
​Resilient & Reliable Protection
Industrial insulation systems are subjected to the most extreme environments. Kaiflex Protect R is a high density, UV resistant, water resistant and chemical resistant covering. Non-metallic – Kaiflex Protect R protects your investment by minimising corrosion under insulation whilst also offering a safe solution that can be applied without any need for hot metal work. product information​
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