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Kaifinish is a coating system. It is easy to apply and fast drying. Multiple top coat layers and re-applications can be done quickly and efficiently.

Kaifinish coatings have been tested for compatibility with each other and with the elastomeric insulation products Kaiflex, Kaisound and R-FORCE: They do not affect the properties of these materials when applied correctly. The corrosion protection system is also compatible with Kaiflex special-purpose adhesives.

Kaifinish corrosion protection

Kaifinish provides a barrier to corrosion, in other words it isolates the metal from exposure to air and moisture. In contrast to platings (mica, zinc etc.), Kaifinish offers passive protection, its protective quality does not diminish over time and is considerably faster to apply.

The system comprises three layers:


Kaifinish PrimerKaifinish Primer This adhesive primer with a yellow ochre signal colour is essential on non-ferrous metals. When applied to iron, it supports the effect of the subsequent layers and offers excellent adhesion to copper, brass, red brass, aluminium etc.
Kaifinish BaseKaifinish BaseThe base coating is applied to ferrous metals or Kaifinish Primer and equalizes scores and erosion. Its bright grey, matt colour can be easily distinguished on primers or metals.
Kaifinish Cover Kaifinish CoverThis top coating is applied to Kaifinish Base and completes the corrosion protection system. Its dark grey colour makes it clearly distinguishable from areas that have not been covered.

Kaifinish Base and Cover must be applied in a thick even layer across the entire surface. 4-6 coating applications are usually required to provide an effective overall protection in accordance with AGI. When planned and applied correctly, Kaifinish will be dry after approx. 6 hours and ready to continue with the rest of the work (for example, fitting the insulation).

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The Kaifinish coating system isolates the metal from exposure to air and moisture.


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