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Kaiflex Protect R

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Kaiflex Protect R, the covering solution with in-built system safety.​

A perfect grey. Aesthetics are rarely the main consideration on a major industrial project but sometimes it is important to be able to just blend in. Originally Kaiflex Protect R was available in a black colour only. The high emissivity surface finish reduced surface touch temperatures when applied onto hot pipework and dramatically reduced the condensation risk on cold pipework.

Kaiflex Protect R is a flexible high density EPDM rubber membrane with exceptional water resistance and chemical performance, Kaiflex Protect R protects insulation against mechanical damage, moisture ingress and UV damage – ultimately minimising the risk of corrosion under insulation. Industrial pipework and equipment is operated at very low temperatures or intermittently cycles between hot and cold as compared to domestic installations. Insulation material for this kind of application is therefore expanding and contracting. A cladding needs to compensate such „movement“ to avoid ripping and tearing in order to protect insulation and ensure the entire insulation system remains intact. As a flexible covering Kaiflex Protect R will not experience permanent deformation on impact, improving long term visual appeal. Kaiflex Protect R is fully non-metallic and cannot undergo galvanic corrosion and will perform reliably and consistently.

Kaiflex Protect R is fully compatible with Kaiflex insulation, easily applied to provide a complete and secure insulation system.

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Kaiflex Protect R, the covering solution with n-built system safety.


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