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Kaiflex 60/80/100

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​​Kaiflex 60/80/100: Thicker insulation, fewer layers, quicker installation.​

Insulation is one of the most effective measures that can be taken to save energy and prevent pipe freezing but what happens when the conditions are so extreme that a single layer of insulation just is not enough? To Kaimann the solution is simple – use a thicker layer!

Until recently no manufacturer had been able to overcome the substantial technological challenge of extruding a consistent and stable elastomeric foam insulation material at thicknesses greater than 50 mm. However, thanks to Kaimann‘s precision engineering led approach to production, Kaiflex is no longer constrained by this historic limitation and is now available in 60, 80 and 100 mm thicknesses.

Installing multiple layers of insulation costs contractors valuable time. Reducing the number of layers that must be installed was one of the main objectives behind the development of Kaiflex 60/80/100 and this has a natural and immediate impact on project costs.

Making installation quicker and simpler is especially important in hard to access locations where the time of installers is likely to be both limited and expensive. Kaiflex 60/80/100 is the cost effective solution that provides the insulation performance you need at a speed you can afford.

Manufacturing flexible elastomeric foam insulation to exhibit a consistent and high performance cell structure requires a deep understanding of physical and chemical processes. For insulation thicknesses greater than 50 mm the engineering knowledge necessary is increased exponentially. Meeting this challenge required the use of all Kaimann‘s state of the art extrusion and foaming technology. At the very beginning of the production line this meant re-equipping the extrusion heads to process a much greater volume of raw material. Further along the production hall the foaming ovens needed to be precisely re-calibrated to input just the right amount of heat into the very heart of the material to ensure a consistent and evenly distributed cell structure.

For Kaimann manufacturing Kaiflex has always been an exact science but the move to create new 60, 80 and 100 mm sheets for the first time has increased the level of precision and engineering excellence.

Supplied in pallet efficient packaging, Kaiflex 60/80/100 also simplifies logistics, minimises space requirements and cardboard usage. Overall a powerful solution.

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Insulation is one of the most effective measures that can be taken to save energy and prevent pipe freezing.


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