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 ​​​Take flight with Kaiflex this summer ​

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​​​Take flight with Kaiflex this summer ​
Take flight with Kaiflex this summer

​​Airports are some of the biggest public buildings in the world today, as gateways to the world they are designed to showcase the nations in which they reside and to inspire those who travel through. The environment within an airport is critically important to this but the vast HVAC systems needed present particular challenges.

Whether landing in a Scandinavian winter or a Middle Eastern summer, travellers expect to walk into an arrival lounge that’s a comfortable 21°C and this can present challenges for mechanical & electrical consultants. Amongst the challenges are how to balance system performance with the need to minimise energy use.​

Meeting the insulation challenge

​​Kaimann has designed Kaiflex insulation to prevent condensation from forming on air-conditioning pipework and ductwork. It’s able to do this, even on some of the most demanding systems, because of the closed cell structure that prevents moisture ingress and effectively provides an ‘in-built’ water vapour barrier.

Of course Kaiflex offers more than just protection against condensation – the cell structure has been engineered to exhibit very low thermal conductivity values that remain stable over time. With this comes great thermal energy saving performance that you can rely on – so making Kaiflex an ideal choice for insulating chilled water and air-conditioning pipework.​

Airports worldwide

When you fly away this summer there’s a good chance you’ll be landing at an airport where Kaiflex has been used on the HVAC system. Over the past few years Kaiflex has been used for airports in Denmark, Russia and Oman – and these are just the ones that we’ve chosen to profile in-depth on our website.

As a major international manufacturer of flexible elastomeric insulation with very high quality expectations and supervised technical values, Kaimann is set-up to supply large volumes worldwide. This, together with our global network of agents on the ground, has made the company a strong partner for mechanical consultants looking to specify insulation for large airport projects.​

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... the environment within an airport is critically important to this but the vast HVAC systems needed present particular challenges ...


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