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 BAT to the future

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​​​BAT to the future ​

When it comes to industry a BAT isn’t just a winged creature of the night – it’s a Best Available Technique – and one organisation has identified a BAT that could save European industry €3.5 billion every year!​

‘Outstanding third party proof’

​​The EiiF (European industrial insulation federation) has been collecting third party evidence that supports the role of insulation as a best available technique for energy saving in an industrial setting and has recently published a press release that presents some of their most recent resources.

​​These resources include the Energy Security Strategy of the European Commission and an energy efficiency report from the University of Milano. For more details follow the link below.

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Condensation is something we encounter every day – particularly those of us unfortunate enough to live in wetter climes – but have you ever really thought about exactly what it is and why it occurs?


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