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FAQ Glossary of Terms. 



​Condensation is the process whereby gaseous water vapour in the air condenses into liquid water when it comes into contact with a cold surface ... rea​d more


Fire Performance of Kaiflex

The fire performance of Kaiflex is dependent on the grade of Kaiflex selected … read more


Heat Flow

Heat flow (measured in units of W/m or W/m²) is the movement of thermal energy whereby areas of high temperature become cooler and areas of low temperature become warmer … read more


Surface Coefficient of Heat Transfer

The surface coefficient of heat transfer is a measure of how efficient the surface of insulation is at transferring heat from the insulation into the surrounding air … read more


Surface Emissivity

Surface emissivity is a measure of how efficient a surface is at transmitting radiant heat … read more


Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity (λ) is the rate at which heat can pass through a material. In metric units this is expressed in terms of W/(m・K). … read more


Water Vapour Resistance

Water vapour resistance is a measure of the extent to which a material prevents the passage of water vapour … read more



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Kaimann FAQ: Glossary of terms
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Kaimann FAQ: Glossary of terms

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