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​​​​​FAQ: LEED.

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LEED is an internationally adopted environmental building certification scheme developed and administered by the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

Under LEED buildings achieve points for incorporating specific environmental measures. There are up to 110 points available and a building is categorised according to how many points have been achieved.

The most basic category is “Certified” for buildings with 40-49 points while the highest classification, “Platinum”, is reserved for buildings that achieve 80+ points.


Does Kaiflex meet LEED requirements?

There are several requirements in LEED that are influenced by the selection of pipe insulation and adhesives. Kaimann offers a range of Kaiflex products that can be used to help fulfil the requirements of these credits.

Some of these credits are awarded for achieving general energy or noise reduction targets above the minimum legally mandated level. Kaiflex insulation contributes towards these credits.

The Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) credit 4.1 awards 1 point for the exclusive use of “low-emitting” adhesives and sealants. In this context “low-emitting” refers to the emission of volatile organic chemicals.


What are Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC’s)?

VOC’s are organic chemicals to which exposure can induce symptoms of sick building syndrome in humans. There are many chemicals classed as VOC’s but the most widely known include Formaldehyde, Benzene and Methylene Chloride.

​Almost all construction materials - including pipe insulation - have the potential to emit VOC’s. Particular attention must, however, be paid to paints and solvent based adhesives.


Is Kaiflex Adhesive “low-emitting”?

Kaimann supplies a special adhesive, Kaiflex Adhesive 494, which is specifically designed to emit only very low levels of VOC’s. This adhesive is compliant with the requirements of LEED credit IEQ 4.1.



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