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​​​​​FAQ: passive fire protection.

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 TI: Fire Protection

Fire Penetration Seal

In order to achieve this all walls, floors, ceilings and doors of a “compartment” must be able to resist the fire passing through them for anywhere up to 120 minutes. The intention is that during this time the building can be evacuated and the fire can be brought under control ... read more


About Kaiflex Pyrostar

Kaiflex Pyrostar is a thin sheet of rubber incorporating a powerful intumescent additive that causes the material to expand when exposed to fire. When applied to pipework traversing a fire rated wall this expansion closes any gaps between the insulation and the wall – thereby ensuring the fire rating of the wall is not compromised … read more



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Kaimann FAQ: Passive Fire Protection
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Kaimann FAQ: Passive Fire Protection

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