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​​​​​FAQ: fire performance of Kaiflex products.

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 TI: Fire Performance Kaiflex

FAQ Fire Performance.

What is the fire performance of Kaiflex?

The fire performance of Kaiflex is dependent on the grade of Kaiflex selected.

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It is also important to note that different fire tests evaluate different aspects of fire p​erformance and good performance in one test does not necessary imply good performance in another.


What fire rating should pipe insulation achieve?

No minimum fire rating is set for pipe insulation used in domestic dwellings.

Pipe insulation used in non-domestic, commercial and public buildings and higher density residential buildings should always achieve a Class O fire rating when tested under the British Standard test methods BS 476 Part 6 & & or a Class Bs3 under EN ISO 13501.

When insulation is intended for use on offshore and maritime projects a number of different fire and smoke tests can be applied. International shipping and insurance organisations issue certification declaring the fitness of insulation for use on vessels offshore.

All materials - including pipe insulation - used within train carriages must be tested against and comply with the standard EN 45545.


Which insulation will give me 90-120 minutes protection?

This refers to fire penetration sealing which is a distinct area of fire performance. Fire penetration sealing is required for pipe and ductwork passing through a fire wall at the point where the penetration is made. All other pipe and duct insulation should be either Class O rated or Class Bs3 ... read more​



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