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​​​​​FAQ: about Kaiflex Pyrostar.

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FAQ About Kaiflex Pyrost​ar.

Kaiflex Pyrostar is a thin sheet of rubber incorporating a powerful intumescent additive that causes the material to expand when exposed to fire. When applied to pipework traversing a fire rated wall this expansion closes any gaps between the insulation and the wall – thereby ensuring the fire rating of the wall is not compromised.


What is the fire rating of Kaiflex Pyrostar?

The fire rating of Kaiflex Pyrostar varies when used in combination with different types of pipe, thermal insulation and wall construction type.


What are the advantages of Kaiflex Pyrostar?

Kaiflex Pyrostar is supplied in a thin flexible sheet format and can be cut to size in order to fit any pipe. This eliminates the need to order specifically dimensioned fire collars.

​Independent testing has shown Kaiflex Pyrostar is compatible with various types of pipe insulation in a wide range of different construction types.

As a dust and fibre free material, Kaiflex Pyrostar is also easy to work with and should not experience moisture ingression that could compromise penetration sealing performance. Kaiflex Pyrostar provides very reliable long term fire penetration sealing performance.


How do I install Kaiflex Pyrostar?

Kaimann has produced an application manual in which the standard application procedures for Kaiflex Pyrostar are described in step by step detail.


My pipes have already been installed – can I still install Kaiflex Pyrostar?

Yes, in most cases Kaiflex Pyrostar can still be installed and the necessary fire performance achieved. Please see application manual for more details.


Has Kaiflex Pyrostar been tested for use with air-ductwork?

Kaiflex Pyrostar has not been specifically tested for this purpose.


Has Kaiflex Pyrostar been tested for use with electrical cables?

Kaiflex Pyrostar has not been specifically tested for this purpose.



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