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Solar Hot Water

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​​​​​​​​​​​Solar Hot Water Applications

Solar thermal collectors absorb heat from the sun, which is then transferred via a pipe network to a storage tank. Uninsulated or poorly insulated pipes release valuable heat into the environment, thereby decreasing the overall efficiency of the system. Only by insulating all of the pipes that run between the collector and the storage tank in full compliance with the regulations stipulated by the Energy Savings Ordinance (EnEV) can this energy loss be avoided.

While standard elastomer may be sufficient for avoiding heat loss in the building’s interior, strict requirements must be met for outdoors, where the insulation material is exposed to major temperature fluctuations, UV rays, ozone and animals looking for material to use for their nests. Damaged points along the insulation give rise to thermal bridges and thus to costly consequences due to energy loss. The flexibility and high UV and heat resistance Kaiflex offers make it the perfect choice when it comes to insulating solar thermal systems. Its closed-cell structure and low thermal conductivity reliably prevent the accumulation of condensation, which in turn increases the energy efficiency and service life of the system.

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The flexibility and high UV and heat resistance of Kaiflex insulation makes it the perfect choice for solar thermal systems.


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