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Kaiflex Protect F-BLACK (ST)
Mechanical resistance with a black surface finish


Kaiflex Protect F-BLACK

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With a tough black woven glass fibre fabric covering for Kaiflex insulation, Kaiflex Protect F-BLACK protects insulation against mechanical damage and can be supplied either separately as rolls of thin sheet or pre-applied to Kaiflex tube or sheet.

Kaiflex Protect F-BLACK is attractive, unobtrusive, easy to clean and ideal for covering pipe and duct insulation publicly exposed to view. The covering is also UV resistant and waterproof making it suitable for outdoor use.

  • Weather & UV resistant for outdoor use
  • Durable protective covering
  • Non-metallic covering free from corrosion
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Kaiflex ST Protect F-BLACK is a flexible closed cell insulation system with a black glass fibre cloth covering pre-applied to protect insulation from damage.


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Kaiflex Protect F-Black. Mechanical resistance with a black surface finish
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Kaiflex ST Protect F-BLACK
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