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Kaiflex Protect F-ALU (ST)
Mechanical resistance with a bright surface finish


Kaiflex Protect F-ALU

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Tough woven glass fibre with a low emissivity aluminium finish, Kaiflex Protect F-ALU protects insulation whilst providing a professional and durable finish.

Kaiflex Protect F-ALU is supplied either pre-applied to Kaiflex tube or sheet or separately on rolls and is a particularly attractive covering option for plant rooms and light industrial applications. As a non-metallic covering system, Kaiflex Protect F-ALU is free from any risk of corrosion and can be easily installed on site without the need for hot working permits.

  • Durable protective covering
  • Attractive low emissivity surface resembles metal
  • Non-metallic covering free from corrosion
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Kaiflex ST Protect F-ALU is a flexible closed cell insulation system with a bright aluminium coloured glass fibre cloth covering pre-applied to protect insulation from damage.


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Kaiflex Protect F-Alu. Mechanical resistance with a bright surface finish
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Kaiflex ST Protect F-ALU
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