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Heating and plumbing

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Heating and plumbing

If pipes, valves or flanges used in heating and plumbing are damaged, insufficiently insulated or improperly installed, a large amount of energy may be lost before the heat ever reaches its destination. The result is that the heating is turned up, leading to higher costs and, in turn, even more heat loss. Moreover, the temperature may not exceed 25 °C in cold water pipes and may not be less than 60 °C in hot water pipes. Temperatures outside of these ranges may lead to serious illness such as legionnaires’ disease.

The German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV 2014) stipulates the sufficient and proper insulation of pipes. Insulation is required especially when, for structural reasons, the cold and hot water pipes run through a shared supply duct. Conversely, hot water and heating pipes must be protected from the effects of cold.

But even without this obligation, this is a very sensible and advisable measure. The entire pipeline network, distributors and shut-off valves can be insulated easily and cost-effectively with Kaiflex insulation. It often pays for itself in one or two heating periods.

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Entire pipeline networks can be insulated easily and cost-effectively with Kaiflex insulation.


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