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Cold Water Applications

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​​​​​​​​​​Cold Water Applications​

Cold water flows directly from a central source to private households as well as commercial and industrial facilities. The structure yields weak spots where the water lines enter each building. These weak spots are known as thermal bridges and are prone to heat loss. Additionally, moisture can begin to collect on the cold surface of the pipes inside the building.

If the residual water inside the pipes is exposed to negative temperatures, it will begin to freeze and expand, exerting enough pressure on the pipe to cause longitudinal cracking or break the pipe’s couplings. The costs caused by water pipes breaking due to freezing can be substantial.

Insulation is a highly effective way to avoid these types of problems, especially when it comes to preventing cold-water pipes from freezing. It slows the freezing process down and drastically reduces the odds of a pipe becoming frozen.

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Kaiflex greatly reduces the risk of pipes freezing.


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Cold Water Applications

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