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Low-temperature Technology

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Low-temperature technology

There is a number of different requirements to consider when it comes to insulating pipelines used in low-temperature applications. For example, the insulation has to be able to ensure that the low temperature of the – sometimes critical – medium is kept constant as it is transported over a long distance. Liquid gas (LNG/LPG), ethylene and ammoniac are just some of the media used in a range of industrial processes.

If the relevant pipelines are inadequately or incorrectly insulated, this can lead to high energy loss, fluctuations in the process and, in extreme cases if highly flammable gases leak out, the total outage of the plant and therefore high costs.

Kaiflex insulation is the perfect choice when it comes to properly insulating cryogenic plants.


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Kaiflex insulation is the perfect choice for properly insulating cryogenic plants.


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