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Kaiflex HFplus s2

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Halogen-free Kaiflex HF insulation now available in smoke classification s2

Kaimann offers Kaiflex HFplus s2, a halogen-free technical insulation system for building, industrial and special applications, which guarantees maximum safety in the event of fire and reliable protection against corrosion. The halogen-free elastomer is ideal for insulating stainless steel pipes and meets all safety standards even under extreme stress.

With the s2 smoke classification, Kaiflex HFplus s2 also conforms to the highest European fire and smoke specifications. The insulation system is free of PVC, chlorides and brominated flame retardants. It complies with Green Building Standards, according to configuration, and can thus be used safely in sustainable construction.

Safe all-in-one system for halogen-free insulation

All components of Kaimann’s insulation system are fully compatible, allowing planners and installers to play it safe. Certification for the European fire and smoke classifications is currently being finalised. The halogen-free special adhesive Kaiflex 494 HHF was specially developed with high initial bonding for the secure adhesion of Kaiflex HFplus. The highly convenient and environmentally friendly Kaifix EC HF butt connectors allow the user to quickly bond tube material. Equally impressive is the light handling of the system’s Kaifix PS HF pipe support. Thanks to patented R-FORCE technology, a support brace is no longer necessary. It is made of material that is both stiff and flexible, which allows it to serve as insulation while maintaining simplified installation thanks to its counterbalancing properties and practical click fastener.

The system comes in a length of 1.20 m, in which the sheet and tube material is also available. This makes installation, storage, transportation and on-site handling easy. On request, Kaimann can also deliver the system straight to your construction site.

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Halogen-free Kaiflex HF insulation now available in smoke classification s2.


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