Always finding the best solution for the customer is the goal that drives innovative ideas and continuous improvement at Kaimann. We produce elastomer insulation materials that meet the highest demands and set standards in energy efficiency and in fire, noise and corrosion protection.

Our vision has always been to make the best flexible rubber insulation materials in the world. To make this vision a reality, we adapt to our customers’ needs. We refine and improve our production processes and technologies, our insulation materials themselves, their packaging and their shipping. Where processes run into limits, we try everything we can to overcome those limits and find new solutions. This is the basis for our high-quality products and services.

Dr. Burkhard Schmolck (CEO)

The world-wide presence of the Saint-Gobain group as well as the skills and motivation of the Kaimann employees allow us to provide excellent value to our customers.

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With 320 employees, Kaimann GmbH is one of the leading companies in elastomer insulation technology and innovation. As a member of the Saint-Gobain Group, we offer a broad portfolio of elastomer insulation materials in over 50 countries for a very wide range of applications and industries - buildings, industrial manufacturing, the food industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, heavy industry and the oil and gas industry.
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An ambitious vision and constant development

The Saint-Gobain Group companies develop, produce and market materials and solutions for construction, the transportation sector, infrastructure projects and general industry. By joining the Group in 2018, we set the stage for further growth of our company’s potential in the field of technical insulation, and for expansion into attractive new industries and global growth regions. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of sustainable insulation solutions, Saint-Gobain is thus the only company in the world that can offer its customers innovative and efficient products for use in virtually any temperature range and at the same time it generates the environmentally conscious use of resources. Saint-Gobain purpose “MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER HOME” supported the fight against climate change.

The optimum production processes for customer products

As a developer of modern technologies, Kaimann is continually improving its processes and products. To give our customers flexible solutions that are an exact fit for their needs, we develop and build our production equipment ourselves. Our production line makes the Kaimann facility one of the most advanced plants anywhere for elastomer insulation. Our intelligent production technology helps us manufacture efficiently and with consistent quality.
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Production Granulat
The granulate technology we use in our Hövelhof plant is a key element in our economical and advanced manufacturing. We have succeeded in overcoming conventional limitations in the production of insulation, halting the process at a certain point and transforming the material into rubber granulate. This prevents premature reaction by the material and heightens the quality of the output. Thanks to further precision work, we have also almost completely eliminated the shrinkage effect after production. This technology and our mastery of manufacturing processes enable us to make high-quality products in precise dimensions.

Outstanding customer service

To provide the best possible service, we have developed an innovative logistics and packaging concept that greatly simplifies and speeds shipping, storage, delivery and handling for our customers. Our fully automated logistics centre with 10,000 palette bays enables fast, reliable and flexible delivery to Kaimann partners worldwide. A high level of standardisation and automated packaging, combined with the latest high-bay stocking technology, ensure dependable, compact, economical and efficient service.
Logistic Center

Eyes on the future

Production processes, packaging and logistics: By continuously improving these three areas we offer our customers high security, flexibility and value added. We listen, and we deploy our expertise and creativity to help our customers succeed.