​Application Areas for Kaimann Products






​Application Areas for Kaimann Products




Refrigeration pipework operates at cold temperatures, enabling the f​ormation of condensation which accelerates pipe corrosion and mould growth whilst diminishing insulation performance. In a refrigeration system two sets of heat transfer coils are connected by pipework along which a liquid or gaseous refrigerant flow. Mechanical processes make it possible to cool the refrigerant and in this way heat can be carried away from the refrigeration unit.

Water condenses and instantly freezes on surfaces of pipes operating at temperatures below freezing. Ice formation makes a chiller work harder and can dramatically reduce the system performance and life expectancy so correctly applied insulation is essential for refrigeration pipework.

As condensation and ice forms most readily at the weakest points, including valves and fittings, insulation must be present along the entire pipe length and should demonstrate the following:



Resistant to moisture ingress

As a water resistant rubber material, Kaiflex is highly resistant to moisture ingress and will not allow water to easily compromise the material properties and performance.

Anti-microbial protection

Resisting moisture and incorporating anti-microbial additives, Kaiflex offers protection against mould and bacterial growth.

In-built water vapour barrier

The cumulative moisture resistance of the many layers of watertight closed cells is so great that Kaiflex has no need for an externally applied water vapour barrier - the vapour barrier is built in and cannot be easily compromised or pierced.

Reduces thermal bridges

Where small details such as pipe hangers, valves, flanges and bends are left uninsulated the heat loss is disproportionately high. Kaiflex materials allow for difficult items to be more easily insulated, thereby reducing the n​umber of thermal bridges.