​Application Areas for Kaimann Products







​Application Areas for Kaimann Products



​​​​​​​​​​​​Food Industries

Food production is highly sensitive and it is important to ensure that hazardous contaminants, including dust, fibres, mould and volatile organic chemicals, are not able to migrate into food during production. Preventing the growth of dangerous mould and bacteria is especially important and all surfaces in food production locations, including the exposed surface of insulation, must be easy to clean and maintain. Since specialist cleaning detergents are used in addition to water any insulation used cannot absorb or react with these chemicals.

Closed cell foams have a natural advantage over sponge like open cell foams but in food preparation locations even closed cell foams should be covered with an additional cleanable surface. An additional risk to mould is fibre contamination. Artificial industrial fibres not intended for human consumption can settle on food during production, ultimately contributing towards various long term health problems. This is not possible with fibre free closed cell foams and no specific precautions are necessary.

Insulation should be present on pipework in food production locations that is able to demonstrate the following attributes:



Resistant to moisture ingress

As a water resistant rubber material, Kaiflex is highly resistant to moisture ingress and will not allow water to easily compromise the material properties and performance.

Dust & Fibre free

Dust & fibres can aggravate respiratory conditions and contribute towards “Sick Building Syndrome”. Kaiflex is dust & fibre free and will not release particles during either installation or if disturbed when in use.

Protective surface

Insulation can occasionally be subject to mechanical impact, rips and tears. Whether accidental or intentional these look unsightly and reduce the insulation performance. Kaiflex is available with highly resilient coverings that protect insulation against the most common causes of damage.

Chemical resistance

When in contact with insulation, chemicals and oils can potentially react with insulation or soak into the structure. Pre-covered Kaiflex products are inherently resistant to the most commonly used chemicals.

Anti-microbial protection

Resisting moisture and incorporating anti-microbial additives, Kaiflex offers protection against mould and bacterial growth.