​​​​​​​​​​Kaifle​x EF-E - Designed for reliable performance.

​​​​​​​​​​Kaifle​x EF-E
Versatile economic insulation.

Benefits & Attributes
Kaiflex EF-E is a closed cell elastomeric insulation material that is extremely energy-efficient and particularly economical at the same time.

The highly flexible foam based on synthetic rubber has a water vapour permeability of ≥7,000. No separate vapour barrier is required and condensation is reliably prevented.

Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, Kaiflex EF-E is distinguished by its high thermal efficiency in conformity with DIN ISO 8497 and DIN EN 12667 even at a low material thickness. In the event of a fire, the insulation with Euroclass D-s3, d0 is self-extinguishing, does not drip and prevents fire from spreading.

Since Kaiflex EF-E is free of dust and fibres as well as of heavy metals and formaldehyde, it is perfect for use in public and commercial buildings such as hospitals, offices, hotels etc.

Kaiflex EF-E is available in the insulation thickness range 9-50 mm (tube) and 6-32 mm (sheet, diameter 400 mm) or 6-50 mm (sheet, diameter 600 mm), each in the handy length 1.20 m. This new length makes transportation, storage and processing of the insulation easier and more efficient.