Semi-rigid elastomeric foam



Products for Special Applications from Kaimann


The material

R-FORCE is not actually a material, but a technology. An elastomeric insulating material, known as Kaiflex, forms the basis of a patented method which is used to produce a high-quality, compression resistant, fine-celled foam. This allows its strength to vary over a wide range from 80 up to more than 150 kPa (EN 826). R-FORCE gives elastomeric products unique properties no other material can achieve: All R-FORCE materials have exceptional compression characteristics. The greater the exerted pressure, the disproportionately more the counteracting force developed by the R-FORCE. This progressive behaviour under pressure provides much greater application reliability in comparison to thermoplastic or rigid foams: While standard foams only follow the pressure proportionally, R-FORCE builds up extreme counter pressure which halts the compression.   


The applications

R-FORCE foams are ideal for all applications which require stability together with simple handling and the partial retention of rubber properties:

  • Pipe supports and cradles, cushions for supports, shafts and pipes
  • Load-bearing accessible insulation of pipework and vessels
  • Prefabricated fitting and system insulation (prefabs), e.g. pumps, valves.
  • Half-shells for pipes, T-pieces, etc.
  • Insulation of earth conductors


The R-FORCE types


R-FORCEHard and firm like rigid foam, but still flexible thanks to its rubber-based production. Shatterproof and thus capable of bearing large loads.
R-FORCEplusFast, safe and versatile insulation anywhere on site or in the workshop thanks to the patent pending R-FORCEplus V-Cut mats.