​​​​​​​​​​Kaiflex A​ccessories
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Products for Special Applications from Kaimann



Accessories designed for an optimal processing of Kaiflex products. 


AdhesiveFast curing adhesives that create a water vapour tight bond between Kaiflex surfaces, pipe and ductwork.
CleanerThe solvent based liquid cleaner thoroughly removes dirt, grease and excess adhesive from surfaces.
KaifinishKaimann corrosion protection systems play a major part in safely curbing the risk of corrosion. Read more
Adhesive pumpThe adhesive pump allows a clean application and exact dosing of all Kaiflex adhesive products.
BrushesThe fine bristles ensure a maximum uptake of Kaiflex adhesive products and a consistently adequate and precise adhesive surface.
KnivesThe Kaiflex knives are perfectly suited for all application areas and ensure precise cuts during the processing of insulation material at all times.
Tapes​By using Kaiflex tapes, edges along the insulation can be reliably adhered.
CuffsThanks to prefabricated slats, the caps ensure a secure pipe end.