Kaiflex HFplus s2
Free of halogens

Benefits & Attributes
As a halogen-free solution, Kaiflex HFplus s2 is the ideal solution for the technical insulation of buildings, industrial and specialist applications. Classified as s2, it simultaneously provides the highest possible level of safety in the event of fire and reliable corrosion protection. Kaiflex HFplus s2 is therefore particularly well suited for the insulation of stainless steel pipes and meets the required safety standards even in demanding environments.

Kaiflex HFplus s2 is free of PVC, chlorides and brominated flame retardants. Depending on the configuration, it complies with the Green Building standards and can therefore be safely used in sustainable buildings.

All the components are ideally matched to each other and form a halogen-free complete system.

  • Halogen-free insulation system – including all components
  • Ideal solution for buildings, industrial and specialist applications
  • Classified as s2, it complies with the exacting European smoke specifications
  • Easy to use, thanks to KaiCene (sheets uncoated)
  • Free of PVC, chlorides and brominated flame retardants
  • Safe to use in sustainable buildings